Mo Eazy within Europe

After successfully catching the attention of the Africa as a whole Mo Eazy decided to create something a little different to reflect his diversified musical talent by composing a single titled “LOVE AND HATE”.

“LOVE AND HATE” appeals more to the European audience and is a striking song that lies within the pop rock genera , this masterpiece was written by Mo Eazy himself and can be described as a relation song as a story lies within the lyrics, taking you on an experiential journey that many have either been through or are currently going through within their relationship status.

Mo Eazy’s music is generally based on reality issues giving his audience that very special connection between himself and his fans through music. ”LOVE AND HATE” is acclaimed to convey reality issues and inspire many using experiential messages through his lyrics.

Mo Eazy stands as a musical note himself, he lives and breathes the very words of his songs, not just rhymes to paint a life not lived but his lyrics are the canvas to a life he paints.

With such critical acclaim already behind him, this young artist from South-East London is poised to be the next big thing.

Mo Eazy is one of the most named in the UK for representing Africa in a big way after receiving numerous nominations off his first single “RED CARPET” on his yet Untitled Album to hit the shelves within this present year 2011.

Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) 2010

Best International Artist “NOMINEE”

Nigeria Arise 2010

Best UK Nigerian Artist “WINNER”

Black Entertainment, Fashion, Film, Television, Arts Award (BEFFTA) 2010

Best UK Male Act “WINNER”

Best Afro Caribbean Act “NOMINEE”

Nigeria Music Video Awards 2010

Most Popular Music Video in Europe “NOMINEE”

Nigerian Promoters Association 2011

Best International Music Act

It takes a whole lot of talent and passion to make this type of determination and ambition to succeed seem effortless, But this is what separates Moses, otherwise known as Mo Eazy from the rest.

This break out star of 2009 makes no secret of his quest to dominate as his first single “RED CARPET” took Africa and UK’s airwaves by storm, climbing the BEN TV Top-Ten Music charts to Number 1.

“RED CARPET” has been greatly accepted within the African market as his composition using the Yoruba dialect spoken in Nigeria mixed with English to form his unique Afro Hip Hop sound took the audience and the industry by their guts allowing them to instantly fall in love with Mo Eazy and his sound.

Following on form the successful first single, Mo Eazy’s second single “MAKE YOUR MOVE” is acclaimed to enhance and inspire the positivity of hard work as this artist work continuously speaks for itself, adding to his talent an acting debut in indie film “Find Her Keep Her” which Mo Eazy  also created the soundtrack for.

This new second single is another masterpiece to be coming out of the hits factory which MO EAZY have lined up ready to serve the world. ‘’MAKE YOUR MOVE ‘’can be classed as a new ground breaking sound, which shows the evolution of contemporary Afro–pop with tonation twist of western beat married with west African twine.

Mo Eazy lyrical execution demands your listening ears as he takes you on a journey of life ups & downs. Oozing with positive message ‘’MAKE YOUR MOVE’’ is not your typical head banging but more of a head Knocking track with vibes that can be felt through morning journeys on the busy streets of Lagos city.


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